Unveiling VegVault


December 15, 2023


Greetings, everyone! I’m excited to share an in-depth glimple into VegVault, my ambitious interdisciplinary database project.


The BIODYNAMICS project demands extensive data, prompting my decision to develop an interdisciplinary SQL database. This comprehensive database will host both paleo- and neo-ecological plot-based vegetation data, species traits, and crucial abiotic information such as climate data. To kick things off, I’m creating a SQLite database, intending to share it as a versioned resource for data publication. This approach ensures that VegVault can be updated in the future to accommodate evolving needs.


The BIODYNAMICS project embraces an open-source philosophy, and as part of this commitment, I’m sharing individual GitHub repositories. Each repository handles the access and processing of specific data sections, while a dedicated repository manages the migration of all data into the SQLite database..


Future Roadmap

This journey is far from over; everything is currently in development and a constant “work in progress.” In the coming months, I aim to create stable GitHub releases for all individual parts, complete with DOIs provided by ZENODO. Additionally, the first public version of VegVault 0.1.0 is on the horizon.

Stay tuned for upcoming developments!